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About This Page

The links here are to sites that change frequently such as news, traffic and opinions. All of the links have been verified as of 11/11/08, and I was surprised by how many major organizations had changed their home page addresses.

Do we really need a page of links in these days of Google? Probably not, but the old page needed updating, so now it's updated. On the other hand, there have been no shortage of times that finding the right link has been a time consuming process, so this can help in that area.

Links categories on this page

Traffic is at the end of the page because some of the information is only available through frames (techno, sorry) and I don't like using them. However, I'm glad I got the information long ago because I don't think I could have found the links now.

Real News (Sometimes)
  News Summaries
  TV Network Home Pages
  Local (LA) News
    Wildfire information

Not Really the News
  Weird & Entertaining
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Real News (Sometimes)

News Summaries

TV Networks Home Pages

I made this list quite a while ago thinking of just the "major" networks. There are certainly many more of them giving news now.

Local News (Los Angeles Area)

Wildland Fire Status


  • boingboing - "a directory of wonderful things" but there's quite a techno-nerd slant to a lot of what's posted there
  • Iambe: Intimate & Interactive
  • Modern Humorist
  • Plastic: Recycling the web in real time - Operating somewhere between anarchy and hierarchy, Plastic is a live collaboration between the Web's smartest readers and the Web's smartest editors, a place to suggest and discuss the most worthwhile news, opinions, rumors, humor, and anecdotes online. Drawing from the best material posted to Plastic's sections by editors from SPIN, Modern Humorist, The New Republic Online, and other top sites, Plastic homepage editors Joey Anuff and Tom Dowe give you a summary view of what Plastic is talking about at any given moment.
  • memepool - it's the ritalin

Not Really the News

Weird & Entertaining

  • Prehensile Tales - from the mind of John Halycon Styn, whoever that is
  • BushBlog - A fake diary from Shrubya
  • The Bondage File - Each week the Bondage File scours the globe for weird news. Be forewarned. Some of these tales have been known to make even hardened wire editors shoot coffee out their noses. Updated every Friday.


  • Drudge Report took over Cruel Site of the Day, which was a new bad site almost every day
  • The Smoking Gun - It may not be a daily update, it seems somewhat random, but it is frequent.


Current Freeway Conditions

These items do not automatically update. Hit the Refresh button on your browser to update the reports. Netscape requires clicking on the "full screen" links.

State Route 23   (full screen)

US 101 - Ventura Freeway   (full screen)

State Route 118 - Ronald Reagan Freeway   (full screen)

Interstate Route 5   (full screen)

405   (full screen)

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