Beverage Comparison Tools

Should you buy 4 12-packs for $10.75 or would it be better to buy 3 2-liter bottles for $3.89? Use the comparison tool below to learn that the 12-packs are the better deal.

This can be easily done with any calculator, but how many people remember the number of ounces in a liter?

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Put the price for any item in the appropriate box and hit Enter to compute the prices for the other quantities and container sizes.

Simple math can be entered in the box as well. For instance, to figure the cost when something is advertised at 4 for $9.50, input 9.50/4 and then Enter.

There is a liquid volume calculator for a couple of common beverage sizes after the price calculator.

When this was made, a "12-pack" was always a pack of twelve 12 oz. cans or bottles. That's how all the computations work.

Price Conversion
Liquid Conversion
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