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Dr. Jane Xenos wrote a small manual explaining some osteopathic techniques you can do at home.

Order Manual Therapy: A Self-help Guide to Osteopathic Treatment from

This rest of this page is so old. It's from the ages before Google was popular. It's still here because sometimes it's good to use something other than Google. For site indexing, I think this search does a better job than Google because Google can be slow at updating its indexes.

I use my blog to save interesting things from the Web. Great, but how do you find those links once they have been spread over 15 archive pages? The only solution was to go back to blogger and do a search there. A few extra steps, but it works. For me. Only me. Not too helpful for the rest of the world.

The search was on for a free site searching utility. This one, FreeFind, isn't perfect, but it's free and seems to do the job.

If you're searching for something in the blog, use this to determine which page it is on. Then use your browser's page search function (<ctrl>-F on IE) to find the text on the page.

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