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YourFriendPaul doesn't have a central theme (much like me), so a site map seems like a fitting entry page.

When I add or significantly update a page, it gets listed in this New/Favorites section as well as on one of the other index pages. The pages that seem to be the most popular, and the ones that I think should be the most popular, are here, too.

No central theme

When I gave the site it its most recent update, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the “Quote of the Day”. I see a really good one every now and then. I'd rather do it this way than have another email coming every day or have to remember to go check their site.

  • — It's a whole separate site buried in this one with guitar oriented music theory, pattern charts and more useful stuff.
  • There are a lot of things to do near the Conejo Valley, and they are listed in a lot of different places. Now where did I see that? Where is that band playing? So I decided to consolidate it this year and put a lot of the larger events that I might be interested in seeing in a single location. Then friends asked why what they want to see wasn't listed, so some more stuff was added.

    It's on the Upcoming Events page.

    Overdoing things as usual, and because it's easy to forget places that aren't visited very often, there is also a bunch of maps to the places where this stuff is happening. And because I'm not the only one interested, there are also maps to the places that other people might need maps to.

  • Get a random Oblique Strategy, as well as a list of the contents of all five decks at Oblique Strategies.
  • My Beverage Comparison Tools make it easy to figure out if you should buy a 12-pack or a two liter bottle. Why? I got tired of trying to do it in my head every time the sales flyers came out.
  • The Sudoku Pattern Generator helps solve Killer Sudoku puzzles. Unlike regular Sudoku, you are only give the sums of groups of boxes as the starting point. The page will give all the possible solutions for a specific sum and numbers of digits. It can also filter out solutions that have digits that must be included or excluded.
  • The RGB/HSL Chart Generator does RGB/HSL conversions, as well as creating a constant hue display which shows the RGB and HSL values for each color. It's an easy way to select consistent colors when making a web page.
  • Guitar Scales and Arpeggios — Displays scales, triads and sevenths on a fretboard. I made this so that I don't have to pull out a sheet of paper and write them down again to learn the fingering. JavaScript at its finest.
  • I made the Low Frequency Wavelength Chart because finding any information that relates frequencies to wavelength and musical notes is, oddly, hard to find. It seems that a lot of other people agree because it's a popular page.
Dr. Jane Xenos wrote a small manual explaining some osteopathic techniques you can do at home.

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