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Audio & Video isn't really a good name for what's here, but there's only so much text that will fit on one of those little tabs. A better title would be “sound, music, art, graphics”, but that won't fit.

Sound & Music

  • — Is a bunch of guitar oriented music theory, pattern charts and other hopefully useful stuff. It has moved to separate site instead of remaining buried in this one.
  • Guitar Scales and Arpeggios — Displays scales, triads and sevenths on a fretboard. I made this so that I don't have to pull out a sheet of paper and write them down again to learn the fingering. JavaScript at its finest.
  • The Microphone Primer was one of the most popular spots on this site. It is now very out of date (hasn't been updated in a few years), but it's still a great resource. It's a consolidation of a 20-plus page discussion on the Home Recording BBS. In spite of its age, a couple of people come to see it almost every day.
  • I made the Low Frequency Wavelength Chart because finding any information that relates frequencies to wavelength and musical notes is, oddly, hard to find. It seems that a lot of other people agree because it's a popular page.
  • Digital Recording equipment notes — From when I was shopping for a home studio in 2001.

Art & Graphics

  • The RGB/HSL Chart Generator does RGB/HSL conversions, as well as creating a constant hue display which shows the RGB and HSL values for each color. It's an easy way to select consistent colors when making a web page.
  • Oil Paint Name Chart - aka Palette Recommendations for oil painting. My oil painting teacher gave this as her starting point for colors. It was an old copy, and it had notes added, so I made it into something more legible.
Dr. Jane Xenos wrote a small manual explaining some osteopathic techniques you can do at home.

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