Oil Paint Name Chart

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The Oil Paint Name Chart is a way to look up the name of a oil paint color and determine approximately what its hue and value is. It's on a separate page so that it can be printed on a single 8½ x 11 sheet of paper in landscape mode without any of this explanation.

A simpler, handwritten version was provided by Bobbie Moline-Kramer for her oil painting class. I entered it into the computer (to keep me from wondering which pile of papers it's buried in), then asked her to check it and make any updates she would like. She added about 50% more colors, and this is the result. It's actually titled "Palette Recommendations", but with all the paints now listed it's become more of a name chart.

The chart should print out on a single 8½ x 11 sheet. Should is the key word. Variation in browser rendering and fonts may make that not be the case for you.

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