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This tag generator uses the xFolk microformat. It creates html code that can be copied and pasted into a web page. Once the code is pasted, ping the sites where you are putting the tags (Technorati, etc.) so they know the your page has been updated.

A space cannot be the first character for the title or tags. The characters < and > are illegal in any position.

All the xFolk Cloud tags are only for Technorati.

A usage note. When I use this with blogger, I have to publish the blog entry twice because I don't know what the "permalink" will be until the blog is published. The process is to copy the code generated here, publish, go to the website and copy the permalink address. Then go back and edit the blog post and replace the taggedlink (default http://SplendidSpider.com) with the actual address of the permalink.

The coding on the tag generator is very fixed and not really worth the time to make it fit the styles of the other pages. That said, I'll just toss in here the links that should be off to the right and out of the way.

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