Simi Cajun and Blues Music Festival 2014

It was nice to have Saturday’s headliner at the Simi Cajun and Blues Festival sound like a headliner. Some years it seems that the players are getting by just on their names and songs they did 25 years ago and it’s the early bands that are the best.

I don’t normally bother with reviews, but at this show I was gifted by the twin gods Timing and Slol (Sh!t load of luck) with a bunch of good photos. It’s a surprise any time I like 10% of my pictures from a concert, mostly due to the lag time between clicking and saving on a digital camera. Since the pics are going up, some explanation is in order. Sorry for all the watermarks, but people photos tend to get stolen and it was easier to modify them all at once instead of just marking the ones I really liked.

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Letter from Al Franken

Every now and then I’m briefly and happily surprised that the famous comedian Al Franken, formerly with Saturday Night Live, is writing to me. Then I realize that it’s just Senator Al Franken. And it won’t be funny, at least not on purpose.

I know that it is the same person, you don’t have to inform me of that.

2014 Upcoming Events page updated

The majority of updates on my collection of (mostly) free music in the Conejo Valley area is done. What makes this list different? The events are in chronological order, so the ones at the top are always the next event to occur. Items that have already happened aren’t visible so they don’t clutter the listing.

Upcoming Events for 2014

The list is primarily free musical shows put on by local parks districts and shopping centers, but there also some of major events that charge admission. I don’t cover clubs (unless it’s a band that I really like a lot.)