Alchohol Sites

Yeah, I know it’s not spelled right. I was searching for a nice quote to open this up, but spelled it like that. There are quite a few “drug treatment and alchohol abuse” websites. You would think they would bother to spell it right if it’s their business. I’m easily sidetracked; sometimes it’s best to just get it out of the way first. We’ll have to settle for this old quote from Homer Simpson: “I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.”

I received a slightly used Wacky Web Sites calendar for my birthday, and that’s what got me started on the quote search. Here are a couple of quote-related sites from it.

First Drink of the Day is an animated manic-monkey-musical about the hair of the dog. Their main page is rather good.

Once again we learn that websites keep moving. The calendar offers up a page that no longer exists, but at least they left a forwarding address. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a typically useless government page called Drug Calculator that will actually do multiplication and addition for you! Once you confess your sins to it, it lets you know how much you spent and what you could have bought instead. It let you know that for the $7,200 that you could spend on beer every month (100 drinks per “setting”, 9 times per week) you could instead have had both a wildlife safari in Africa and a trip from NYC to London on the Concord.

Oops, there are no more Concord flights. And there was no place on the form to include champagne brunch.


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Bits of Skits

There are no instructions. Anywhere. Just click on one of the pictures to get a short Monty Python video at the Wall of Python.

The site has more stuff hidden away on their main page, also without instructions, including a few categorized walls of pictures and Photo Soup, where you can stir the soup by adding words.

Bits of Skits

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California Traffic Law Email

Lots of people have received the bogus email about new traffic laws going into effect in California. The biggest concern seems to be the requirement to use a hands-free phone while driving. The law did go into effect July 1, 2007, but won’t be enforced until July 1, 2008.

Urban Legends details some of what’s right and what’s wrong with the email. The fine for not using hands-free, when it goes into effect, is only $20. According to an article in a local paper, “The CHP said it plans to launch an educational campaign as the true deadline approaches.”

Meet the New Word…

…Same as the Old Word. Sudoku, DVR, smackdown and ginormous. These are some of the recent additions to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, according to a Fox News story. The story also says that ginormous can be traced back to 1948. DVR and smackdown have certainly been in common usage for quite a while.

Merriam-Webster’s website offers a sampling of the new words that are available in the 2007 Collegiate Dictionary, adding hardscape and perfect storm to article’s list.

New dictionary words

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Fourth Pictures

4th postcard

Time to send out those 4th invitations? Well, maybe a little too late, but there’s a great collection of old postcards that could liven up what you’re going to send. It’s really a history site but I prefer the postcard page.

Tom Kelley Studio

Tom Kelley Studios

I met Tom Kelley through my girlfriend. You probably don’t know, but she knows, that I’m not often impressed by photographers’ materials. Because of that, she was very surprised when I said “Wow” about Tom’s site.

Tom is a highly-acclaimed advertising photographer whose work has appeared in numerous books, magazines and exhibitions and, of course, advertising media. His images are available as Limited edition fine art photographs at a number of galleries.

My credentials, to help you decide if my opinion makes any difference: I’ve been taking pictures for 25 years and have a photo degree. I’ve been doing artwork since I was 10 (probably younger, but does it really count then?) and I was even displayed in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art for a couple of days (kid work, I’m not good enough to be on display there as a pro).

Check out Tom’s work. He’s probably pricey, but as you can see, you get what you pay for. I know where I’m going when I need to get my picture taken.

Tom Kelley Photography

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