One thing leads to another

One thing leads to another. The story of this post. Start off simple:
1. Clean out emails. Get rid of a bunch of old stuff, but browse unread titles.
2. Find email with a link to “Guitar Player Vault” that has an old J.J. Cale interview.
3. Gotta read that. The article’s time frame: When Cale was asked about some of his favorite guitar players “today”, he refers to “this kid, uh, Peter Frampton”.
4a. There is also an interview with the highly under-appreciated Harvey Mandell.
4b. Learn that Mandell played the guitar solos on the Rolling Stone’s song “Hot Stuff”.
5a. Go to Mandell’s website. It looks like it hasn’t been updated for a while.
5b. Check the touring page in case it was updated. He is touring with Canned Heat, and has been for a while. Continue reading “One thing leads to another”

Goodbye Blogger…

…and hello WordPress.

Blogger is about to quit supporting ftp and wants to have all blog sites hosted at Blogger. That doesn’t work for me. So I started working on the conversion to WordPress about one month ago. None of the processes or tips I found online worked for me — it seems that my setup was different from what everybody has.

I had to write a conversion program to get the posts to look like they should because WP wanted to insert all sorts of extra line feeds. Then I found out just how complicated WP is. I sure learned a lot, and finally today took the plunge and redirected the old blog links to these new ones.

Now it’s done unless I find some other gotchas that I haven’t noticed. And all of this in spite of the news that blogging is dead.