About The BlakeBlog

This is a conversion project from Blogger. They left me stranded with no easy migration path when they decided to quit supporting ftp. I didn’t want my site redirected to blogspot.com, so it was time to make the move to WordPress.

That move has been quite a chore. Blog posts didn’t import properly. I had to write a conversion program. The article and archive link formats are different. The archives links were fixed through a combination of selecting the right archive format and using mod_redirect. There were no single post pages—all permalinks pointed to the archives.

And then there’s the big job: learning how to customize WordPress so that it matches, or at least blends with, the rest of my site.

Along the way I found a lot of bad links and missing images in many of the older posts. There were also a surprising number in the newer ones. That’s not going to get fixed.

When it comes to the web, there isn’t much that is permanent.