Illegal To Read Patriot Act

This just in from the Onion’s front page:

Revised Patriot Act Will Make It Illegal To Read Patriot Act
WASHINGTON, DC�President Bush spoke out Monday in support of a revised version of the 2001 USA Patriot Act that would make it illegal to read the USA Patriot Act. “Under current federal law, there are unreasonable obstacles to investigating and prosecuting acts of terrorism, including the public’s access to information about how the federal police will investigate and prosecute acts of terrorism,” Bush said at a press conference Monday. “For the sake of the American people, I call on Congress to pass this important law prohibiting access to itself.” Bush also proposed extending the rights of states to impose the death penalty “in the wake of Sept. 11 and stuff.”

As a funny (?) aside showing truth can be stranger than fiction, the building codes that most cities have are derived from a book that is copyrighted.  It’s illegal to make copies, so there’s no way to learn what the law is without buying the book, or looking at the one copy that resides at your local city hall.