Instant Island

Due to its immense scale and unique shape, The Palm, Jumeirah and The Palm, Jebel Ali are visible from space with the naked eye. If all the fill materials used to build one Palm island were placed end to end, a wall two meters high and half a metre thick could circle the world three times. PalmSales probably gives the nicest overview of this monster.

  • Dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” about 350 million cubic feet of rock, sand, and earth is being placed in the Persian Gulf in the shape of two palm trees off the coast of Dubai. – link
  • The Palm-Jumeirah extends approximately 3.5 miles out into the ocean and provides for 35 miles of new beachfront — a 75% increase to Dubai’s existing beachfront. On the fronds of The Palm, 1,800 luxury villas have been sold. On the trunk of The Palm there will be 2,200 condominiums (all sold out), five hotels, two marinas and a major retail centre. – link
  • The Golden Mile apartments, to be housed in two waterfront buildings, went on sale this week at Arabian Travel Market 2004, the Middle East’s premier travel and tourism show at prices ranging from US $250,000 for a one-bedroom, garden-view unit to $550,000 for the high-end waterfront three-bedroomed properties. 780 freehold apartments on their joint venture Golden Mile, on the Palm, Jumeirah were sold within 48 hours of them being placed on the market. – link

This location just seems a bit risky to me for vacation property. – map