No On Recall has a petition that won’t do anything.  Why?  I’m not sure.  Here’s what they say:

I’m writing to ask you to join me in signing a “Recall No! Democracy Yes!” pledge to defeat the California recall.

If the recall succeeds, it will set a dangerous precedent for the whole country. A far-right businessman spent 1.7 million dollars to bring us the recall campaign, and has thrown California into chaos. GOP leaders who should have condemned the recall instead cheered it on, hoping they could gain from the unraveling of our democracy.

We can’t stand by and let this happen. These attacks on democracy are not a California issue or a Texas issue or a Florida issue — we all must step forward together and make it clear that elections will be honored in this country.

This pledge is a national effort to mobilize one million California voters in the recall election. Please sign the pledge no matter where you live and please ask friends and family in California to sign the pledge and to remember to vote October 7.

Since I agree that the recall is a waste of money and another effort of the Republicans to sidestep the normal democratic process, I’ll say click here to sign.