Power Shift

It’s seems like we’re not even making the pretence that our government works any more.  The power now lies in the courts, where most decisions are getting made.

What the Executive and Legislative branches of the government do is more and more frequently turned over to the Judicial for them to sort out what’s legal and what isn’t.  And the decisions made there depend upon which court ends up hearing the case.

As everybody has heard, the California recall is on hold.  One of the players doesn’t like that, and makes it plain he doesn’t believe in the system that he is a part of.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom McClintock, a state senator from Thousand Oaks (unfortunately for me), said on television and radio, “This is an outrageous decision by an outrageous court, and I’ve got every confidence that it will be overturned.”  He denounced the ruling as the handiwork of a liberal court, adding “This is the most reversed court in the United States, and for good reason.” and demanded an immediate appeal.

(Sidenote:  Meanwhile the other main Republican candidate, while trying to win over the female vote on the Oprah show, says, “These were the times when I was saying things like ‘a pump is better than coming'”.  Yeah, that’s the way to control your mouth.)

So off it goes to the Supreme Court, the one that appointed Bush president, to get a ruling that the Republicans will like.  Not to say that the Democrats wouldn’t do the same thing.  Of course they would because that’s how the game is played now.

Maybe we really don’t need any of the government to exist anymore if the courts end up making all the decisions.  Cut out the middle-men and recall everybody.  Don’t bother to replace them, just recall them.  Laws can be made by initiatives (just go hire people to get some signatures) and then voted on by people that don’t know what they’re voting on.  Then the results go to the courts to decide if the laws are valid.

Okay, so I went over the line a little bit there.  But is that really so different from what we’re doing now?