Conejo Rocks has been updated for 2017: 85 events!

It’s my collection of (mostly) free music in the Conejo Valley area. What makes this list different? The events are in chronological order, so the ones at the top are always the next event to occur. Items that have already happened aren’t visible so they don’t clutter the listing.


Most items are free musical shows put on by local parks districts and shopping centers, but there also some of major events that charge admission. I don’t cover clubs (unless it’s a band that I really like a lot, or me.)

There are two types of displays. Select the short description version to see only the event titles and times. Click on the event to see more info about it.

This took guts

I don’t always post cat pictures, but when I do… Never mind, I almost never post cat pictures. But if I do, they’re probably not cute.

I have no idea who owns the original cat photo. I found it in a lot of places.

Reflecting on all the rain

We’re still in a drought as streets flow with rainwater and freeways flood. It’s illegal to run the sprinklers. That makes sense, but it makes automatic sprinklers require a lot of manual intervention during the rainy season.

At least it got me to take a few photos. I’m not why I like this one enough to post it.

It’s good for me do these now and then to remind myself of the process. Between working on the photo and working on WordPress (because everything needs updating again) there are over 20 steps to making this post. Okay, I made up that number, but there are a lot of details to take care of.

A doodle, can I stop now?

I started this doodle on a camping trip. I usually take pen and paper with me when I travel, but rarely use it.

This time I did another one that I considered complete, but only got started on this one. I’ve been adding to it now and then for a few weeks, and figured maybe if I scan it I can stop doing that and put it away. Like most doodles, it wasn’t planned, which makes it easy to keep adding something.

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