Very Active Stock Market Today

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10:21 am PT Floor Talk : In speaking with institutional traders, the lack of enthusiasm for being at work today seems to be the prevalent theme given the total lack of direction or volume. Given the confluence of the power outage issues and a typical slow summer Friday, some individuals have called it a week and gone home early. In addition, some of our contacts did not even make it to work today given the power issues still being ironed out in the city. However, traders point to the possibility of some action at end of day related to expiration. As a point of interest, one desk is passing the time making book on a cheeseburger eating contest. The undersized trader was able to ingest 9 burgers before being forced to make a trip to the closest garbage can. The first pay out was at 12 burgers, so the only upside was that the trader managed a free lunch. Lucky for him.