Why People Are Here

Most people end up here due to a search they did;  the most common are “Ganguro Girl” and “Cameltoe”.  I’m also pleased to see that there were a couple of hits for “The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas”, “Naked Ice Borer” and “Flying Viking Kittens want to take you to a Gay Bar”.

I hesitate to make this post because it will probably raise my rankings in the search engines, making it even more likely that people will come here and not really find what they want.  OK, that’s not really true.  I do want them to come here.

But really, what’s up with all the people looking for Cameltoe?  (Rating up!)  Ganguro Girl (Ratings up!) finally made sense because there is a game with that name.  (For those of you looking for it, it is: http://www.hentaisocialclub.com/ganguro/demo.html).  It’s a “dating sim” game but in this mature rated game you can eventually have sex (Rating up!) with your Amine Ganguro girl (Rating up!) date. 

Really now people, camel toe? (Ratings up!)