World’s Largest Chee-to

It’s about the size of a small lemon and weighs in at about half an ounce. I guess they really are mostly air. It made it onto CNN.

“We call it Seasoning Accumulation,” a Chee-tos Development Manager said. (Uh, why is there a Chee-tos Devolpment Manager?) “If you love cheese, this is the Chee-to for you. It’s beyond dangerously cheesy.”

Mmm, seasoning accumulation.

The article also has this trivia:

  • Chee-tos were introduced by the Frito Company in 1948.
  • Frito-Lay sells about 1 billion bags a of Chee-tos a year.
  • About 15 million pounds of cheese are used every year in making the snacks.


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